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NIERSC New Partners

Coordination & Support

NIERSC Founders at their General Meeting decided to suggest the Associated Partnership. It is assumed that the Associated Partner and NIERSC develop close cooperation in research, submitting joint proposals, implementing joint projects and supervising joint PhD-students. The Associated Partner has rights to participate in the General Meetings of Founders of NIERSC with the consultative vote. This does not require the changes in the Charter. For the implementation of this decision the special Memorandum on the Associated Partnership was elaborated.

For the time being one of the Projects participants, University of Helsinki, signed the Memorandum and became the Associated partner of NIERSC. Additionally, Nansen Scientific Society, which is not the member of EuRuCAS Consortium, also singed such an Agreement. Thus, now NIERSC has already two Associated Partners.

For the first half of the Project the following major results were obtained: Memorandum on the NIERSC’s Associated Partnership was elaborated; and two new Associated Partners – University of Helsinki from Finland and Nansen Scientific Society from Norway, joined NIERSC.

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